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Friday, December 8, 2017

A Halved Subway Train Car becomes a TINY HOUSE on wheels

If you're ever in the Taunton, MA area, right by the town green, you just may spot something rather unusual- what looks like a tri-axle tiny house (or future restaurant) on wheels!

While I've asked around, the owner, and the eventual purpose of this structure seems rather elusive, as even the locals themselves seem to have quite a few questions of their own.

Whatever the case, it sure its interesting!

Check out the video below, and meanwhile, we're well on our way towards our NEXT HANDS-ON TINY HOUSE and GREEN BUILDING WORKSHOPS!

Our next one- Joshua Tree, CA- March 23-25th


We just added a Boston AREA workshop! Click HERE for more info.... 

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Tiny Houses and Tree Houses Go "Wayne's World"?

If you haven't seen yet, we're slowly been working on a small pilot series of a show that we've dubbed (for now) "Live From A Tree House".

Yeah, yeah, we know, its not a very profound title, but it DOES explain the gist of it, no?

"Think: The show "Live At Daryl's Place", but in a weird tree house full of whiskey, Iron Maiden posters, and odd yard sale art". That more or less sums it up.

While the show won't aim to be ONLY musical, with its interviews and acoustic performances, we did kick off the first mini-episode with a send-off to the late Chuck Mosley who passed away in early November at the age of 57.

Chuck, the one-time frontman of Faith No More (he recorded two albums with them), later went on to front Bad Brains, and then various other projects, from "Cement" to "Vandals Against Illiteracy".

We were very lucky to have had the chance to film and interview and acoustic session with Chuck and his bandmates a mere 5 weeks before he passed, and I hope you enjoy what we were able to capture.

R.I.P. Charles Henry Mosley III

NEW Tiny House/Green Building/Living Workshop in BOSTON area!

February 17th and 18th (2018), we're at it once again, and ONLY will accept 16 students, as we want this to be fun, intimate, and no-rush process for all involved.


Framing, base-construction, sheathing, shingling, headers, rafter cutting, insulation, and more- we'll cover all the basics you need to know- and then mix in a healthy dose of tricks of the trade, unconventional methods, and all with LOTS of salvage, reuse and creativity! We'll tour tiny houses too, and see some great live demos from guest teachers...

Dustin Diedricksen leads a group outside Seattle, WA

"But Deek, I see other workshops offered all the time by people twice as good looking as you Diedricksen brothers...."

Well, I almost guarantee that those workshops are more expensive, cover fewer hours, and have ZERO actual building in them. Go ahead, look it up, ask away..... PLEASE do. Yes, we aren't super-handsome though... you're right....

Above: Deek Diedricksen on set of one of his DIY Network shows "Extreme Small Spaces"

So the idea of our hands-on workshops has always been NOT being the "hotel-ballroom-slideshow-bore-a-thon". Been there, done those- and well, most of 'em stink worse than week-old chowder. There is NOTHING that beats an actual hands-on workshop where you BUILD, design, and even make mistakes (there is no quicker and more thorough way to learn). Make the mistakes on OUR build, with our materials, and not yours.

So that's what we're going to do, and keep on doing!

February 17th and 18th (ALL the DETAIL are available at the link HERE) we, The Diedricksen Brothers are at it again. This time we'll be right outside Boston inside a rather funky, unusual, and colorful DIY art studio dubbed "The Blank Space"- and its kind of fitting, as they sky is the creative limit here.

Above: The entrance to "The Blank Space" gallery in Stoughton, MA- note: NOT a boring hotel conference room! 

We've been doing these workshops for seven years now, and we've done a TON of building, designing, more building, and well, you name it, all in between, during, and before. We're not hosting workshops based off some flash-in-the-pan internet clip that went viral either. We've been doing this for a long time, and we come with lots of experience, and have the callous hands to prove it.

We're also NOT fond of huge "cattle call" workshops. Why would you want to shoehorn yourself in a room with 120 other students and never have a chance to ask enough questions, or get to know the instructors? It seems ridiculous to me- a clear waste of YOUR time and money.

THIS was built by novices in one of our recent workshops- UP IN A TREE! 

With this upcoming workshop, not only will you build with us- a joint venture in creating a micro cabin for public display in the gallery, but we'll....

-See LIVE DEMOS put on by a variety of teachers

-Hang out BEYOND the workshop hours (cocktail hour anyone?)

-HEAR from guest speakers

-TOUR two tiny houses

-Create some fun ice-breaking reuse art (to be used IN the build)

-Have dinner together the first night


Saturday- 10am-6pm- followed by a post-workshop studio hang/BYOB gathering
Sunday- 10am-4/5pm

PRICE- $235 for the two day course. 

to sign up/lock a spot, we only require a deposit/portion of that. Click on the "Sign Up" link far above.
Refunds: WILL be given if you notify us before we're within 30 days of the workshop. Otherwise, we'll give you a credit in the same amount for another future workshop. No exceptions.

Saturday night you will be fed

We'll also have snacks (some vegan friendly ones) on hand, AND Equal Exchange coffee- endlessly!

And most of all, its going to be FUN!

Any questions-
AND- if you want to tie your business or product in with the promo flyers, youtube videos, and all the other online promotion that this event will receive, and want to sponsor us, email us. 


So a good many of you probably remember Sicily Kolbeck, who at age fifteen built and designed her own tiny house- one that later nabbed her an invite to the White House to show it off. No lie.

Sicily also later was invited to give what became a very popular TED Talk- one of the earlier ones on tiny houses, in fact.

Well, that very house is now up on the market. Yes, its for sale. And while online readers will constantly debate the value of a tiny house on wheels in the aftermarket (often forgetting to factor in time in labor ("Why, that's ridiculous, I could build a tiny house for $1000!" (No, you can't)), this one's out there at $18,500.00, and all considering, its not a terrible price.

This includes a detachable 16' long deck too.

I mean, with its backstory and online presence in video tours, it IS a bit of a famous tiny house.

If you might be interested, there's more HERE-

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

Sunday, December 3, 2017

IS the "TINIER" Tiny House Coming Back?

"Bucking The Trend"-
Bear's Tiny Homes goes "smaller" in a scene where tiny houses seemingly are getting "huge".

Mark Warfield (aka "Bear") shows off his new tiny house model "The Bluebelle"- a 20' long build with all the amenities most would need- AND storage. 

     So I'm recently back from a jaunt of a heck of a lot of traveling.... two different weekends in Florida to speak at tiny house festivals, another weekend near Dallas, TX for the always-great Tiny House Jamboree, and a few other side trips I'd have to sit down to recall. Aside from that I'm finishing up a follow-up to my book "Microshelters", rehabbing a tiny house on wheels, and building a custom tiny office on wheels for a client. So yeah. I guess I've been busy.

But through it all, I've still managed to notice something- tiny houses, or at least a good portion of them, are starting to shrink back to their early-scene "smaller" sizes. Early on, and i'm talking ten years or so back, it was uncommon to see a house that was longer than 18'. Sixteen and Eighteen footers seemed the norm.

Or perhaps I'M just getting larger. After all, we Americans are now in the midst of what I like to call the "Thanksgiving to New Years" gauntlet- 'tis the season of overeating!

In anycase, as the scene continued to grow in popularity through the years, and spread like a virtual wildfire through the media, tv shows, and magazines, somewhere along the line, the houses started to get larger- and quite a bit larger. I remember entering my first 24' long tiny house and feeling it was "enormous" as compared to anything I had set foot in at the time. Well, that was long ago, and 24' has almost become the average- meaning, there are houses a heck of a lot longer and more sizable than that on the landscape. In fact, last year I toured a 540 square foot tiny house(!) on wheels. Call it a mobile home, or call it not "classified as tiny" as all, but it still serves my point. I've included that video right here:

And this is NOT a bad thing that the houses are now more substantial- beefier- fancier- elongated. I'm not saying that at all.

"To each their own" and everyone has their own set of needs, and different lifestyle needs through the size of a family, their mode of employment, and even with factoring in climactic conditions (people in warmer climates can get away with smaller abodes without cabin fever kicking in, and by being able to extend their everyday living spaces out of doors (decks, patios, breezeways)).

But I'm wondering if I'm the only person noticing this, or if true, if its an economical response, or a realization that the much larger tv-dream-fed homes on wheels are far less portable- some getting as low as 4 mph when pulled.

I'm not against the "larger tinies", as some call them, far from it, I just will admit that the smaller houses, if done well, bring more of a smile to my face (and to one's wallet).

But enough on that. Enjoy the above posted tour of Bear's newest tiny house design and I hope at the very least that you grab some new ideas from it- both things you might want to employ in your future small dwelling, OR that which you may want to avoid.

Its all a learning process.

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

(....and hey, if you want to ACTUALLY BUILD with us soon, March 23-24-25th (2018) is our next fully hands-on design and build workshop- Joshua Tree, CA! The place is AMAZINGLY beautiful! Before the date passes, the sign up banner is at the top of this website. Space IS limited!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

There's a TINY HOUSE COLORING book out now!?

Yep. Its true. And its not only a fun/great idea for both kids and adults alike, but it'd make a great holiday gift for any tiny house geek.

This book (available for around $12- (with free shipping if you have amazon prime)) is the work of Michael Janzen ( from )

I have the link for more information down below. I'll also soon be giving away a copy as we moved closer towards our HANDS-ON TINY HOUSE BUILDING and DESIGN WORKSHOP in Joshua Tree, CA at the famous "Bungalow in The Boulders" rental compound. Below...

This workshop will be hosted by the Diedricksen Brothers (Deek and Dustin from HGTV's "Tiny House Builders")



Tuesday, November 28, 2017

This Modern Tiny House "BARN" will drop jaws.....

I was lucky enough to have been asked to be a speaker (again) at the always-incredible Florida Tiny House Festival near St. Augustine, and while there (naturally) I poked in as many tiny houses as I could, and shot as many tiny house tours as time would allow.


The one house (well, there were two or three others that I'll soon share) that really blew me away was this one!

It comes courtesy of Red Barn Tiny Houses- who at this point, might be hard to find online as they operate under a "Red Barn Handyman" moniker in the Florida area. (ask for Dana Treadwell)

Remember.... one of the FEW ACTUALLY HANDS-ON Tiny House Building Workshops is on the way!

Three Days- Joshua Tree, CA- March 23-24-25th, 2018 at the famous BUNGALOW IN THE BOULDERS rental!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

NOT Small on Style- A Modern LUXURY Tiny House Kitchen

Derek "Deek" Diedricksen (Youtube's "RelaxshacksDOTcom") had a chance to not only visit the high-end tiny home of David Latimer (New Frontier Tiny Homes), but to have breakfast with him as this interview went down.

From hidden storage in the ceiling, the open shelving, a generous counter top, and its galley-like arrangement, this kitchen is small in size, but big on style, and laid out very efficiently.

Give it a look in this tour!
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Monday, November 20, 2017

HIDDEN bathtub in a Tiny House

Yeah, its been done before (see the 68 Square Foot Guest House in Seattle video we did- ALSO below), but the execution of the "secret tub" in this St. Louis house is pretty darn classy!

I especially love the repurposed lath wood on the ceiling of this tiny home on wheels, and the long, thin, bright bathroom overall....

Its a tiny house for rent on airbnb, so don't miss your chance to stay in it!

As for the Seattle one....

And remember- out NEXT hands-on TINY HOUSE BUILDING AND DESIGN WORKSHOP- with live demos, ACTUAL BUILDING, and more..... March 23-24-25th- Joshua Tree, CA at the famous "Bungalow In The Boulders"!! 

CLICK HERE for more info! 

This "Mad Max" SKOOLIE (converted tiny house bus) is AWESOME!

The "Road Warrior" Skoolie:
Check the video and wait til you see the steering wheel, and the apocalyptic trash-art inside this beauty!

BY THE WAY, our NEXT FULLY HANDS-ON DIEDRICKSEN BROTHERS TINY HOUSE BUILDING WORKSHOP..... Joshua Tree, CA- don't miss it! Spots are Limited! CLICK HERE for more info

     So I just returned from a speaking gig at the Dallas/Arlington Tiny House Jamboree 2017, and well, it was pretty Epic! There were TONS of tiny houses to tour, a roster of speakers that was borderline overkill (from ALL parts of the world), AND a whole DIY-build village that, well, just took the cake. When it comes to inventiveness, thrift, and charm, the DIY tiny houses seem to be where its at.

One particular home on wheels we visited was that of Wess Lewis and his converted school bus- aka a "skoolie".

Check out a few photos and be sure to hit the tour! ....and subscribe, if you'd be so kind!

Check out the tour to find out more on this VERY unique steering wheel!

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen